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19 July 2006

Via Darren Barefoot

Since I can't walk into the Knesset and personally inquire what the £µ©λ they think they're doing to Lebanon and why they think it's useful, helpful, or remotely civilized behaviour, I have today indulged my passion for the occasional interpersonal smackdown.

Kevin Smith, AKA Silent Bob (but never "K/S"), delivers a stroke of the ol' Amish taser to Good Morning America's Joel Siegel for loudly announcing his departure from a screening of "Clerks II", read it here.

Better yet, catch the Smith/Siegel slap fight sound bite from the Opie and Anthony radio show. Normally I hate morning DJ shows and wish them nothing but a swift and painless traffic accident before they reach the studio, but this is good. Listen carefully--some bits will floor you.

Fave quote from KS: "I can't tell you how to be a man, Joel."


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