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10 July 2006

Today in 1925

The Scopes Monkey trial began. Read more about it here at The Writer's Almanac. If you don't see it, go into the archives and search for today's date.

The alarming thing is that with over a century elapsed since Darwin published Origin of Species there are still arguments not about whether the "theory" is true (by any really scientific test, it's as true as can be measured), but whether or not it should be taught in schools, and whether creationist philosophy should be taught as science alongside of it.

It shouldn't. Period. End of discussion.

Lately this has come to be called "intelligent design", or sometimes even more disingenuously, "teaching the controversy". But it doesn't matter what you call it; it isn't science. And there is no controversy except when creationists are allowed to determine school curricula.

If you want to tell your kids that the world was created when some god cut off some other god's testicles and tossed them into the sea, fine. But don't expect me to allow a school to fill my kid's head with such garbage. I like my science straight up and I take my religion weak, with salt.

I don't deny people their religion, or the right to teach it to their young. But don't waste the taxpayer's money on it.

In Other News

Today marks the end of my third month at the new job. Assuming they don't can me by quitting time today, that means I'm past probation. Cool.


At 3:59 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, I guess you can relax a little and let your Mr. Hyde creep out and show himself now and again.
Try not to shock your co-workers too much.



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