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06 July 2006

Stephen Harper: Wrong Again!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said after a meeting with George Bush at the White House that both countries share security concerns and face the same kind of threats.
Harper suggested the recent arrests in Ontario brought that home. He also said both countries are defending the same kinds of values.

Like, uh, support for equality in marriage!

Um, how about freedom from torture?

Oh well, surely everyone can get behind decriminalizing marijuana?

Eliminating the death penalty? I know it's not a priority here for some reason, but surely the US is trying to catch up to the Twentieth Century?
Okay Mr. H., I give up. What "same values" are you talking about? I can't think of any I have in common with *. And from what I read in "What Canadians Think" I seem to be fairly typical. By the way Mr. Harper--improve your popularity--read the book.

Honestly--couldn't he at least wipe off his chin before giving a speech?


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