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31 July 2006

So Much For Giving 'Em a Break

I decided to stop posting on the Israeli war on Lebanon. I figured if I could be quiet for a day or two maybe they'd get their collective heads out of their collective asses and get it right.

So this morning I read about a two-day "cease-fire" unilaterally declared by Israel. Less than two minutes later my hopes were dashed as the headlines popped up to announce the resumption of the slaughter after less than twelve hours.

I guess for these IDF guys a day without civillian deaths is like a day without sunshine?

I've seen a lot of comments, and a bit on e-mail too, declaring that "this is war--civillians are going to get caught in the crossfire" or that "Hizbullah is hiding among the civillians"--with the inherent suggestion that smarter civvies would run away to safety elsewhere. Unfortunately the in-depth analysis is proving that in fact it's not crossifre: the Israeli Defence Force is in fact targeting civillians (via Ahmad, thanks).

There is no safety. Hizbullah remains, despite the out-right murder of over six hundred people. I wonder how the IDF pilots responsible for the bloodshed are feeling?

In a while I'll tell you where I was this weekend. But at the moment I have to write my Prime Minister (he's the smarmy-looking git made of plastic, wood, and wax whose picture disgraces the upper right [far, far right] of the page) to ask if he still considers the Israeli murders "measured and appropriate".


At 6:29 p.m., Blogger Norlinda said...

The PM actually writes back to you, alas with a one-sentence form letter. At that time, I wrote in complaining about the whole Emerson issue.
Does writing to the PM make a difference? Is he really interested in representing the country of Canada? Is he listening?

At 10:39 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Actually--he wrote me back the first time, some months ago when I expressed concern over the treatment of Canada's dead soldiers.

This time (doubtless as a matter of "principle") he does not reply. I have now written the putz three times.

That's okay. I'm sure his Liberal successor will actually pay attention to what the people want. All we have to do is wait four more years. *Sigh*

At 11:49 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Hey--perhaps veiled threats are the way to go? I got a single-line reply from one of his flunkies today!


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