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04 July 2006

On the Other Hand

Aprevious entry complained about service recieived from our local Zellers.

Briefly: they re-sold our patio furniture set, offered us a different one (which surely we would have bought in the first place if we'd wanted it?), then said they'd ship one down from another store "when we have a truck coming the right way".

On the way home, the Mme and I agreed we weren't happy. I determined to arrange to pick up said patio set myself and demand $50 off. But a friend said: "Don't restrict them to $50. Let them make you happy."

I wanted to thank Catherine, and Kim at Zellers who without any prodding immediately offered us $100 off the set, and a free rainproof cover for it. She did indeed make us happy, and saved us having to spend our money elsewhere in future. Note to Zellers: promotion should beckon.

Mme Metro and I enjoyed our first lunch on the deck yesterday with visiting guest (as opposed to guests who live here?) and fellow blogger Raincoaster. I am forming plans for a blogging exchange. Watch and wait.


At 5:52 a.m., Blogger raincoaster said...

So, do you repent of your offer of Guest Blogger status? I haven't mucked up your blog with Ann Coulter in ages!


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