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10 July 2006

Of Booze and Buds

It was a lovely afternoon. In fact, it was a lovely day, starting, as all my favorite days do, in the afternoon, and with coffee.

Mr and Mrs Metro and I went on a field trip to Tinhorn Creek Winery. 'Twas lovely. This is all ye know, and all ye need to know, except that the 2Bench was so nice I borrowed $22 dollars I do not have from Metro to purchase a bottle, to be opened when I finally get, like, a job. Whatever that is.

We spent the evening watching Sideways. There was a false start, as while I was out getting my healthy exercise climbing the local hills, they'd started up a Weird Al Yankovic movie, and kept refusing to shut it off. "Oh, this is the best scene, this is my favorite scene, just this one scene" I heard no less than three times, perhaps four (the painful memory is fading now) before finally putting Sideways on. It was a charming movie, and the Cabernet Franc and the Gewurztraminer which accompanied it were equally lovely. Metro started whining about being out of Bar-B-Que Chips and booze about a third of the way into it, so we downgraded him to beer and finished off the wine ourselves. Serves the bitch right.

Probably a secret Merlot drinker.

I think he farted in the hot tub, too.

As for Hugh Hefner Of The North's tips:

1) GOOD Wine

2) More GOOD wine

3) Beer doesn't actually get you any points, although it does cause bloating. So what are you really after in a woman? Compliance is better fostered by a nice Cuban rum; if you get off on Hindenberg doppelgangers, beer's your best bet.

4) "Paul Giamatti in Sideways (the guy flick you've never seen)." I am, like, SO not sure where Metro gets that Giamatti's a chick magnet that for the sake of his marriage I am not going to explore even the concept that he might find The Posterboy for Fortysomething Angst sexy.

5) More beer You know, if it's not good beer(ie Fin du Monde), it doesn't really do anything other than maintain the state of drunkeness established by the wine. I'm still the one pointing out the Ann Coulter items on Fark and blogging at three in the morning. Metro's the one that can't handle the beer.


6) Le hot tub. No argument there.

As for making eggs at one in the morning, when does he think I usually have lunch???


At 5:48 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

We did have nachos at the Osoyoos Husky at 5:30...

...okay, and chips and wine for a main course!


At 7:08 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Please forgive my small spelling error. I appear to have left out an "h" in the word "wine". Or at least it would appear Raincoaster thinks so . . .

At 1:47 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Shut up, Giamatti-digger Boy.


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