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14 July 2006

Not Certain I Like Where This Is Going

When I initially granted Raincoaster's request to contribute here, I had no idea she intended to alter the tone of the discourse in her own unique way. Ah well, no good deed and all that.

In Other News,

I've added Frontier Editor to my blogroll. Mainly because he's wonderfully esoteric, and manages on balance to project an impartiality even about people I seem unable to refrain from dripping bile on from a great height.

Cold Desert joins the discourse because I've read him on and off for a while, and because now seems a particularly appropriate time to add a Lebanese blog. I hope some of my Avid Fans (it seems certain there's more than one) will pop over and get his perspective on current events.

Normally I stay clear of Middle Eastern politics, although I'm rarely thrilled by any nation or person (and there's more than one in the Middle East) which believes it's some god's personal favourite.

There were ways for Israel to pursue its ends other than trying to bomb out Lebanon's infrastructure and targeting and killing civillians. I can't say much more without exceeding my meagre moral authority.

And though Hizbullah's a bunch of @$$#0£€s, the lousy calibre of the national leadership is no help.

Naturally Steve Harper's right alongside the US on this. He calls the re-occupation of Gaza "measured response". I wonder--when a Canadian gets kidnapped, will SH muster the might of the entire Forces and invade somewhere to find him or her?

Hmm. Seems not. Perhaps he measures his response with a different yardstick.


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