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16 July 2006


So let's get this straight: a couple of weeks ago a corporal in the Israeli army was kidnapped on the Gaza border. In response, Israel re-occupied the Gaza strip and detained 60 members of the elected government.

Then eight soldiers were killed and two kidnapped across the frontier with Lebanon. In response, Israel sent its army into another country to destroy roads, bridges, and power stations, in the process killing over a hundred civillians.

Let's say that again: two soldiers, one country's infrastructure and 107 civvies at time of posting.

This my prime minister described as a "measured" response.

If I didn't think Harper was the prime ministerial equivalent of a kidney stone (hopefully soon passed) I'd be ashamed to be Canadian.

***, trapped at the bottom of a well of his own building can only stand by feebly excusing this sort of brutality by pleading "self-defence". Worse, he blocked a UN move to call for ceasefire.

Let me ask you something Mr. ***: How do you think the Arab world will regard your failure to make any kind of stand? Do you think this helps A)root out the causes of anti-(North)American hatred in Muslim hearts or B) fan the flames to an even whiter heat?

This cowardly decision to stay silent when the time came to stand on your hind legs and speak out, this contemptible inablility to shrug off the politically expedient in favour of the humanitarian, this pathetic tolerance of the sort of behaviour Saddam Hussein was pilloried and eventually deposed for, will be paid in blood.

But since it likely won't be yours I guess you're okay with that.

Cold Desert isn't.

"Measured"--pfah! Couldn't he have just said "fair and balanced"?

I urge Canadians to write to the Office of the Prime Minister here and tell him what you think.


At 3:31 a.m., Blogger a h m a d said...

Today I have to admit with deep sorrow that even the Arab countries are not asking for an ceasefire. They are simply blaming Hezbollah! Maybe if they blame Hezbollah enough, the Lebanese dead civilians will come back to life.


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