A one-time school project gone terribly, terribly wrong.

05 July 2006

In Ottawa

Janet Libbey, acting director of the Mothercraft Day Care Centre, said the federal proposal to give parents a monthly allowance of $100 is inadequate, as the average cost for a preschooler in the capital is approximately $900 per month.

"Well, it can be a minimum of a year's waiting list," said Libbey. "And sometimes with the full-time program, 18 months is not unrealistic. And there's still many families we never get to."


Might as well spend it on beer and popcorn anyway, eh?

Our caretaker Prime Minister is due to visit * in a short while. There will be minor concessions made in order to encourage Canadians to elect Harper by something more convincing than default.

"Hi Mr. Bush."
"Oh hey, uh, Canuck-guy."
"Should I kiss your Yale class ring, Mr President?"
"Naw, naw. Not needed, big guy."
"Oh, well thanks."
"Yeah--just keep on with my boots."

Meantime: In response to the clear presence of rockets capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction at least as far the Sea of Japan, the Bush administration took bold and decisive action, telling Pyongyang yet again: "Don't do that!"

North Korea has no oil.


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