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14 July 2006

In Other Proofreading News

I'm a proofreader and editor, despite the appalling variety of errors at this page, and so I feel compelled to offer my services to the desperately needy.

I recently sent letters to the Acanac phone/internet company and another site whose name I can't recall at present. I offered them a two-day rewrite package with a significant discount. So far I await response fruitlessly.

But their spelling is clearly reflected in their other talents: check out the number-one hit when one enters their name at Yahoo!.

It seems to me that communications companies would perhaps want to be a bit more concerned about how they're communicating on what is for most customers their first line of contact.

That's okay. I have a gig with Yahoo! News coming, I'm sure.

Is that edifice located on Sesame Street? Maybe it's run by Lefty?


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