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10 July 2006

I Simply Wanted to Say

That her Raincoasterness has just said, and I quote:
"That was the definitive version of a boozy evening."
And this, of an evening spent with myself and Mme Metro, contrasted against the number of evenings spent by RC guzzling cheap yet palatable gin.
Now she is likely to complain about the fact that she has not yet had dinner--which was her damnned fault in the first place!

So here, gents, is a recipe for pleasing a woman who thinks herself hard-to-please:

1) Wine

2) More wine

3) Beer (once you've run out of wine)

4) Paul Giamatti in Sideways (the guy flick you've never seen).

5) More beer

and 6) Le hot tub.

Let this be a lesson to all my Avid Fans.

Nota Bene: Her Raincoasterness is preparing scrambled eggs in the kitchen at 1 AM.

See what a small investment in a winery gets you?


At 5:44 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

But Metro, you don't actually eat what do you care when she makes eggs? (I appreciated it.)


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