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13 July 2006

I Guess He Took Their Advice

From The Onion
In August 2004 the CIA asked * to stop blogging. Who knew?
Of course it's a fake. Everyone knows * can't read or write.

Some Avid Fans were kind enough to express confusion about my use of the asterisk to represent the name "George W. Bush" and asked for an explanation.

Simply put: I believe he is a man whose name cannot be forgotten by history quickly enough, and I intend to help history out. If I could afford it I'd take history on a bender of pre-salvation-Bush-ian proportions, like you do to help a friend forget a girlfriend or boyfriend who's truly £µ©λed them over.

There is no question that wherever they bury Bush's mortal remains, funeral planners should include a urinal cake in the arrangements.

For my part, I will expand the substitute for his name to "***" to avoid confusion.

But it still spells "moron".


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