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27 July 2006

Glad I Don't Have to Face Him in the Mirror

Steve Harper claims he doesn't believe that the UN post struck by Israeli fire was targeted deliberately.

{Well it's obvious, isn't it? The IDF being such $#!7ty shots and all. If they'd actually been aiming at them it's likely that the now-dead peacekeepers (who were occupying a position similar to smoke detectors in hell at the time) would have been perfectly safe!}

And one can see how the Israelis made the mistake, right? Even after the observers phoned and asked ten times for them to stop shooting at the baby blue helmets.

Harper also said he hopes Santa Claus will bring him lots of presents, as he's been an especially good boy this year. And reiterated his lack of any call for a ceasefire.

But I said I wasn't going to blog on the Lebanon-Israeli-war-crime thing. And I'm going to keep that promise.

Oh hey--I put in the Neocounter from Neoworx yesterday. It tells me I have had over 30 visitors from 15 different countries since yesterday. Those countries include Argentina, Spain, and Ghana to name just three.

I'm amazed. I've always figured that this blog was read by two Avid Fans and that that was it. It's a little scary to think that by accident or design thirty people found their way here.

So, welcome all. And thanks. Perhaps a little of my blogging philosophy is in order:

We are all small. Insignificant. My opinions are no more important than anyone else's (Although they're clearly more insightful and better-reasoned).

If you've enjoyed this blog, you might enjoy one of the other blogs listed to the right of the page. I update at least once a day, usually, so there's always something new and interesting (to me) here.

Working on a post on how to be a consumate consumer for this afternoon. See you here, I hope.


At 5:19 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Well, the IDF disagrees with him, and today admitted that it was targeted deliberately. "But accidentally." Meaning, they knew it was a UN post, but by definition everything in that part of Lebanon is Hezbollah, so therefore even though it was UN it was Hezbollah, therefore they had no choice.



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