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21 July 2006

Coda to the Previous Post

This analysis, from the Christian Science Monitor.
"Can Israel considerably reduce the threat posed by Hizbullah as a paramilitary group? That it can probably do," says Brian Michael Jenkins, a terrorism expert at the Rand Corp. in Arlington, Va. "But will Israel be able to destroy Hizbullah in terms of its identity, the determination of its leadership, the devotion of its followers, and their dedication to continuing the struggle? No, that's not realistic."

The US has some experience with that reality in its pursuit of Al Qaeda, [...] the US has been less successful at reducing the appeal of Al Qaeda's message, which "continues to radicalize and deepen the zeal of large numbers of young Islamic men."


[In] Iraq, Jenkins sees a trajectory that mirrors Israel's. "There is no military challenge in Iraq that can defeat us," he says. "But has our presence reduced a radicalization of parts of the population or pacified the country? No it hasn't."

And some more opinion here.

Oh--and a thought: Why should Bush, Cheney et al give a rat's ass what happens in the Middle East, so long as their backers are profiteering--I mean profiting--by it?

By the way--do my posts seem bitter lately? It probably has to do with my government's betrayal of the idea that life, generally, is sacred. But my bitterness isn't what they have to worry about.


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