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25 July 2006

Bush Triumphs in the Middle East (Finally)

[Condoleeza] Rice called for a "new Middle East" before meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem.

"It is time for a new Middle East," she said. "It is time to say to those that don't want a different kind of Middle East that we will prevail. They will not."
In the abscence of your support for a ceasefire, Ma'am, it seems you want the new Middle East to be much like the same old one. Or maybe not:

"We want to end the violence so that innocent people can return to a free life." said Rice.
Um--Condi? Wouldn't a ceasefire have done that rather well?

[Ehud] Olmert said Israel would continue to fight Hezbollah to prevent rocket attacks against Israeli citizens.
"We are using a basic elementary right of self-defence against terrorist organizations," said Olmert.
Lebanese killed so far over 375. Over two-thirds civillians, around seventy soldiers.
Terrorist organizations incapacitated or shut down: 0
Terrorist organizations scooping up recruits: ?

And twelve hundred rockets in two weeks. Clearly, targeting civvies is working terrifically well.

By the way: here's Condi's blueprint for that new Middle East she speaks of--and for the world.


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