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20 July 2006

And He Still Went Nowhere Near Lebanon

From this article at Yahoo! News:
"The Airbus the prime minister uses for international travel was stripped down and news media accompanying Harper were not allowed aboard the flight to Larnaca to make room for as many refugees as possible. But room was made for the prime minister's official photographer and three of his media aides. [...] Harper shrugged off suggestions his last-minute stop in Cyprus was a mere photo opportunity."
Italics mine.

Fine Steve. So what did it in fact mean, in view of your position that the murder of civillians is a just and measured response to terrorism?

I think it projects the message: "If Canada's citizens can get clear of the slaughter, I'll personally whisk them away in my jet. If they aren't too smelly. Or bleeding--it wrecks the leather upholstery. And as long as they don't touch the mini-bar."

It would be cheaper, Mr. Harper, to actually apply pressure to Israel. Then you wouldn't have to divert ships and aircraft at taxpayer expense to evacuate some (a whole 261 so far) of the 50,000-plus Candians in Lebanon.

Of course your master in Washington might not like that.

You claim to be a Catholic, Mr. Harper. What are you praying for these days?

I never thought I would ever align myself with the paranoid, anti-semitic, authoritarian Vladimir Putin. But only Russia has had the balls to say the things my Prime Minister should be getting on his hind legs and saying:
The Russian Foreign Ministry said Israel's actions have gone "far beyond the boundaries of an anti-terrorist operation," and repeated calls for an immediate ceasefire.
For gods' sakes Mr. Harper--give me a moral alternative!


At 7:43 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

There's not often that I'm ashamed to be Canadian...

...hmmm. It's only been once -- now, with this morally-repugnant slime of a PM we are saddled with.


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