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30 June 2006

Note to Self Try at Home Soon

I went to Huffington Post for an ego boost. And found this.

Oh--the names I put into the People Ranker? No-one you'd know. Raincoaster, Darren Barefoot and Mastercowfish especially have no reason to be concerned.

Thoughts on Titles and Positioning

Actually, those results are massively skewed by my blog title having been chosen at the point just before every newspaper and style guide on earth decided they needed participation blogs about their cities. What did they call these clever blogs? Well there's Metroblog Montreal, New Orleans, and, and, and I could go on. Likewise, the now-dead metrosexual craze was up there too, which can't possibly have anything to do with it.

Though I notice that this blog seems somehow to have clawed its way to this position. Google, though, famously uses a different search algorithm. I'm only #34 over there.


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