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05 June 2006

It's Quiet--Too Damn Quiet

I've avoided commenting on the arrests of 17 men in an alleged terrorism plot in Ontario. I've said before here at this blog that Canada was not immune, and I'm only slightly disappointed to find out I'm right.

Three observations: In its initial coverage the word "Muslim" appeared in none of the CBC's coverage describing the suspects, although the words "imam" "prayers", and sundry similar terms were used. There seems to be a deliberate attempt to seperate the ideology of the plotters from the faith they claim. Whether it can be justified or successful I don't know.

We may want to be cautious about celebrating the RCMP's success at halting these planned attacks. It seems the RC's may have provided three tonnes of fertilizer to the suspects. The line between intent and entrapment is pitifully thin at the best of times.

I'm proud that at a time of such tension, the vandalising of mosques is still considered a hate crime. It's a useful distinction to have: crimes targeting people by race, creed, colour, or sexual orientation are hate crimes. And despite the current prime minister, even the government is not allowed to commit them.

But it does rather beg the question: Can a crime by a small group against society at large be a hate crime?


At 10:45 a.m., Anonymous Lydia said...

Apparently they intercepted and exchanged the fertilizer before delivery. Therefore, no entrapment. LB


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