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02 June 2006

It's All Right for Some

So glad that a special "free" (read: "taxpayer-funded") medical clinic has saved the life of an MP.

Meanwhile, having moved to a town with a higher doctor-to-patient ratio than where I moved from, I still can't find a doctor taking new patients. This infuriates me. If I'm forced to rely on a clinic doctor who knows SFA about me, why am I laying out 30% or more of my income in taxes every year?

I'm sure Parliament will give due attention to this problem, just as soon as they vote themselves another raise, get their free haircuts, and use the company limo to get back from their next month-long break.

Oh no, wait--they've got more important things to focus their minds on; see below.


At 9:05 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Phone the hospital and ask the nurses sweetly if they know a good family physician who is taking patients. They do know, they know who is a good doctor, and they will just flat-out tell you if you are nice to them. This is how I got my doctor, and he's the best.

In case you're about to say "but the government/MSP/website tells me that none in this area are taking new patients" I tell you the nurses know better.


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