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30 June 2006

I Know, I Know

I should be working. But sometimes something really needs to be brought to people's attention, and if ten more people--or even two--learn of the sheer depth of rotteness that pervades the heart of the Bush administration and co., then my job is done:

So check this out.

The same people who have made no move to censure the White House for outing Valerie Plame as revenge for her husband blowing up their case for war have voted, in essence, to censure the New York Times for exposing an illegal, undeclared war on Americans' privacy.

First illegal wiretaps, now an attack on the First Amendment. These bastards, these worms, these homunculi need to be thrown out. Impeachment wouldn't be sufficient, but it's the best the US is likely to get.

If the Democrats even get ten percent of their crap together they should get the numbers for impeachment easily. Here's to grassroots compaigns.

Meantime, send * another bag of pretzels.


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