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01 June 2006

Another Not-Entirely-Unexpected Headline

May I suggest the researcher take his next set of samples (cores, for preference) in Washington and Ottawa? Abundance of sample material.

Although care must be taken not to confuse the samples and the donors.

In purely local news, the Focus' fuel pump has been repaired, at labour costs of only $82--an hour's worth. Thanks to my Ford dealer, or possibly the mechanic. Of course, since the money's already been borrowed I now have to go to Crappy Tire to spend the surplus. Ah, the sad duties of home ownership.

Did I mention that our future house needs a battery charger? Of course it does.


At 8:41 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

Fire extinguishers, clothes pins, mop & broom...the things we need for our new house.

The impulse buys were the Lagostina pots at 65% off and the badminton/volleyball set complete with net for the back yard!


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