A one-time school project gone terribly, terribly wrong.

27 May 2006


What would Jesus press?
According to Doctor Pat Robertson, all around good-guy, multimillionaire, ex-presidential candidate and the sort of Christian who was probably the reason Jesus asked Judas Iscariot to turn him over to the Romans, it'd have to be over 2000 lbs. After all, PR is not the sort of dude to claim he's better than Jesus, is he? His commercial, by the way, supposedly shows him pressing 1000.

But he DOES claim that his "age-defying shake" (which many of us thought was something to do with Parkinson's) helps him leg press 2 kilopounds. Which is only about 700 pounds more than anyone has leg-pressed before. Ever. And Robertson's 76!

Does this mean he'll be opening a gym called the 2000 Club?

As for WWJP? I think the answer is "the eject button".


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