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10 May 2006

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I believe Stephen Harper is maneuvering his way toward greater powers, and a Canadian version of the US Patriot Act. All of a sudden today a report prepared in November is being made a damn big fuss of.

The title of this article should be in the past tense:

"Terror Attack Now 'Probable', Head of Agency Warned Last Year"
--seems less urgent now, right?

Considering his secretive and paranoid governing style, why do you think the current government "de-classified" a "top secret" report so easily?

Do you think the PM wants us to feel insecure?


How do you expect him to exploit that fear?

Perhaps he's going to try to make us beg him to keep us "safe" by curtailing our rights under the constitution and the Charter. He's surely noticed how well it worked in America.

But we're too smart to fall for that.

Aren't we?

Keep an eye open. Soon it'll be secret "renditions" of "terror suspects" or "enemy combatants" captured in Afghanistan to US torture facilities. No-one will protest, because with the changes he's making to Access to Information laws who'll know? Then domestic espionage--who are you talking to, chum?--and the traitorisation of anyone who speaks out against him.

Do I sound fabulously paranoid? I don't feel paranoid. I still have my wits about me and I know The Da Vinci Code is fiction (that's "not true" for you Dan Brown believers out there--it's a good test question).

We can only wait and see. But you heard it here first once before. Well, actually, it was a comment I posted to Raincoaster:

April 26, 2006 at 1:28 am

[…] From the CBC, although Metro called it first, and with perfect accuracy, on this very website several days ago. Reporters were not allowed into the military airbase at Trenton, Ont., to cover the Tuesday evening arrival of the remains of four soldiers who died in a weekend bombing. […]

If I'm right, watch for my name on the list of "traitors".

Besides, it's not as though it's never happened before in North America.

Death to all tyrants.


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