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24 May 2006

David and Stephen Sittin' in a Tree

David Wilkins, the US embarrasment to Canada, is singing the praises of Stephen Harper.

For the uninitiated, Mr. Wilkins is a South Carolina campaigner for *, whose reward seems to have been something he considers exile. Until his ambassadorship he'd only ever been to Niagra falls, about twenty years ago. Natural choice for *, really.

Well, actually he's saying that:
. . ."the strongest and sweetest songs have yet to be sung."
This is a far cry from his, um, testy relationship with Paul Martin.

In fact, it's a far cry from most of what he's said. Remember, despite the current less-than-honest Softwood Lumber deal under which the US gets to keep $1 billion of its ill-gotten gains, Canada was "over-reacting"on the issue.

But now we're the bestest of friends--except for that pesky Arctic thing.

Oh, and aside from the whole "missile 'fence" thing (you know: we pour money in, US contractors get money out, and
in return we get to participate in the Reagan Star Wars program, with the added bonus that it doesn't work, making it very safe).

Historically, we don't do well when US politicos admit to liking us publicly. Cosider the music of Reagan and Mulroney, coming as it did as the economy tanked.

Personally, when Wilikins praises somebody, I'd prefer to see him saying something like this:


"I've been called worse things by better people."
--Pierre Trudeau

Mark my words, the fact that *, through his embarras--I mean his ambassadore is praising our caretaker PM bodes no good.

By the way, where are all these POWs we're taking? Oops--sorry, I mean "Taliban fighters". This report sayeth not, specifically.

If there's the slightest chance that the Afghan government is handing them off to the US, we are morally bound to keep them. I suggest a detention camp in Point Roberts.


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