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25 March 2006

Say--Who's to Blame for This?

1) Estimated time in seconds 'till NRA trots out "Guns don't blah blah blah".
2) Apparently, the number of guns it's okay to schlep around in your truck.
3) Number of right-wing radio pundits who will blame "reefer madness" but never mention the guns except in sentences such as:
"Of course those loony lefties want us to believe that guns are the problem. But if all the other party-goers had been heavily armed, wouldn't they have been better off? That's what these drugs do to you--they make you forget to bring a gun to the party!"

Just remember kids--guns don't kill people--People with guns kill people. Especially people on drugs.

So just say "No!".

Personally, I'd prefer to say "Hell yeah!" to drugs but "no" to guns. I had hoped that the Martin government could pull it off, but now we have to wait until peace, sanity, and good government are restored by the collapse of the Conservative minority.


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