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30 March 2006

Hiya folks. What's in the news lately?

Well, first, here's Stephen Harper at work. We've cut ties to the Palestinian government.

Hang on a sec--after years of encouraging Palestinians to elect representative democratic governments, we're going to cut off their aid when they do?

I notice, though, that we still seem to be talking to China, despite their threats against Taiwan. Perhaps if Wal-Mart manufactured in Palestine? Or how about if the Palestinian Authority bought a couple of CANDUs from us?

Hamas is a nasty organization, but from statements made by the current crop of leadership nominees it seems as though they may pragmatically, if not philosophically, admit a two-state solution.

Remember--Sinn Fein was the political wing of a terrorist organization--One for which fund drives were run in New York City at one time (Would allowing that sort of thing qualify as state sponsorship of terrorism, by the way?).

Hey, it's not as though Israel's making great strides. I'm glad to see that Kadim is still holding fast, but remember that they're the guys who came up with the Wall.

So yeah, a "principled stand" is a good idea in theory. In practice, it just makes it harder to talk to the neighbours.

More Harper:

Clearly, SH has picked up the George Bush style of democracy: Keep 'em short on information and claim it's your priveledge to be secretive and paranoid. Frightening, really. I mean, surely as the Bushies are fond of saying: "The innocent have nothing to fear"? So what's Harper trying to keep a lid on?

George Bush's main claim to fame at one time was the smallest number of presidential press conferences ever. In his case, though, one might understand it. Have you ever listened to him extemporize?

Canadians must be vigilant against all threats--especially the internal ones. The caretaker Conservative government we wound up with is trying to consolidate its power. Once it's done that, watch out.

I'm fairly sure that Harper's going to keep his sheep suit on for a while yet, but let's try to remember for the next four years and six months (or until this goverment gives way to something more desirable) that he is, in the end, a wolf.

In much better news, Jill Carroll has finally been released. It's nice to see genuine, non-propaganda-type good news from that part of the world.

And me? I'm working through my last two weeks at the current job, trying to prepare for the move. Wishing I wasn't awake at four bloody AM. Still, I'm glad to be having such an exciting time overall, and looking forward to taking up my new proofreading job.

Mme Metro has posted some of our pictures from Paris on her blog, Mastercowfish. I'm hoping to post a couple here in a while, partly 'cos she and I have very different pictures of what's picture-worthy.

I generally feel that vacation pics should contain a human being. MM goes in for "art" shots, witness the two dogs on her blog. I don't own a dog, and my only interest in dogs is to be certain they're properly controlled by the responsible authority (I don't say owners, as many dog owners seem too blinded by their enthusiasm for domesticated wolves to be considered responsible). So I would never have taken a picture of cute (meaning, apparently, endearingly ugly) dogs in cute matching collars.

Still, to each their own. I'm going to steal a page from Raincoaster's Evil Elf and wish you a squiddy good day.


At 6:14 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

Don't worry! I'm going to get around to pictures of's in the plan. I was just gearing up to public photos of M & Mme Metro.

At 1:35 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

A ten-tentacle salute! Excellent Squidology. Squidtastic, even!

At 8:14 a.m., Blogger Hobbes said...

You've been listening to CBC radio lately, haven't you? You loyal Canuck you!

I'm so worried that Harper's going to roll on the softwood lumber thing. The tariffs have been changed to something more reasonable now, but I don't want us to cave on the 5 billion bucks we deserve!


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