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24 January 2006

Oh Well

And we have another minority government. All for the best considering who's leading it.

Anyway, this great statesman won by an even slimmer margin than his predecessors, so he'd better have something spectacular planned if he wants to be more than a one-term PM. This all depends on what devil deal he's willing to make with the Bloc Quebecois.

The BQ and Conservatives may not look as though they have much in common on the surface, but if one looks deeper there are parallels. They're both known for a certain "unreconstructed" element, which expresses itself in racism and bitter suspicion of anything that looks community-driven (such as welfare, the medical plan, trade unions). They're both regional parties: the BQ for well, you know, and the Conservatives representing mostly Alberta.

But there's hope. Before the election, the BQ didn't seem willing to work with anybody. Here's to the continuation of a proud tradition.

I tried, by the way, to align that picture to the centre, but it would only align hard right. And is it my imagination, or does that salute look familiar?

If we can keep him from dragging us into various US enterprises (Iraq, the Facile--I mean Missile--Defence, and PATRIOT Act domestic espionage) we might make it through this next five years okay.

But don't put away your voter registration cards just yet. Harper's predecessors lasted nine months with a bigger minority than he has.


At 9:49 a.m., Blogger Tabor said...

I'll bet he is smarter than our dictator--I mean, president.


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