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22 December 2005

God I Love This Country

"Bad taste, violation of religious or moral standards or even public disgust aren't by themselves enough to make something indecent."

Somewhere out there, Stephen Harper is wearing the crowns off his teeth. But more of him anon.

God I Love That Country, Sometimes

Because once in a while, they show smarts. The drilling provision was buried within a defence bill, presumably masking as "energy security"--a Bushism meaning "continuing to do things the same old way while gutting the country to do it".

The people who pull the strings on the president may be very disappointed. I mean, they paid for the right to drill there, didn't they?

In a Related Story

Of course, things aren't always like that. The (sieg heil!) Patriot Act is being extended, and they're still holding people indefinitely without trial and torturing people (the US legislation which enforces the UN Convention on Torture specifically exempts mental torture and much of the "tool kit" they're currently using).

Not that it matters. GWB doesn't worry too much about the letter of the law, nor its spirit, if he thinks he can get away with it. When caught, he reverts to scapegoating his "war on terror":

"My personal opinion is it was a shameful act for someone to disclose this very important programme in a time of war"

Where is the shame? I think America knows what to do with presidents who make secret tapes--why is no-one doing it?


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