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02 November 2004

Tonight the World Holds Its Breath

Will Ohio? Won't Ohio?

I confess myself stunned that it's even this close. Worse, that the evil little Current Occupant might become elected (finally). He even seems to have a majority share of the popular vote! In 11 states, an apparently-informed electorate voted "defence of marriage" acts into law.

Who the hell are these people?

I retain hope that the irregularities of electronic voting machines are to blame. The possibility that a true majority of Americans actually think "Him" is a good enough president to trust with the country a second time is too horrible to contemplate.

I have to be at work in eight hours. I'm going to bed. I wish I had enough faith to pray to some sort of god. Of course, some people think He's made his choice already.

Here's hoping I wake up to president John F. Kerry.

The good news is that the last person in this situation was also a JFK. He went to bed at 3:00 AM, and was awakened with the news that he was president at 6:00.

Here's hoping.


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