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26 October 2004

Famous Last Words

Last night I was wandering about the wilds of the 'net, randomly searching terms such as "insidious fish""

{Note in the links were included the terms:

tsunami photos flopping fish Sex Picture Links
... believe that resplendent the photos tropical fish evicerated geological another photos to copy of fish jumping, but the insidious some photos sail fish is much ...}

I went off to look at Darren's blog. He's won awards for it, so I sought to steal his secrets. The blogosphere genre analysis will have to wait though. While I was there I ran into his question about: "What song lyrics would you ever have tattooed on your body?"

It got me thinking.

A few days ago I was casually blissed out on the couch reading the Economist when the SO asked if I needed anything. I said:

"I'm fine thanks."

And I really was, too.

I have decided that these are what I want my last words to be. However, before any gods in the neighborhood decide to do something funny, I'd like to qualify that:

  • I do not want the person to whom I say these last words to be any kind of airline employee.

  • I would prefer not to be saying them while standing waist-deep in a dumpster.

  • And I don't want to find myself saying them this week.

  • Not for at least sixty-eight years, in fact.

    So, for next time: A blog on the genre of blogs, and what I'm doing wrong (Oh so very wrong).


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