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17 August 2004

To Misquote the Divinyls:

"When I think about me, I quote myself".

As the ultimate act of literary masturbation, I refer the reader to my post of some other date in which I said, and I gleefully quote:

"I want a shift to a HEALTH system--not a sick-care system. I want doctors enabled to say 'Well Bud, unless you quit smoking, get off your fat ass and run a mile a day, and knock off the ding-dongs, you may as well not book another appointment'."

Now my mind and mouth must meet.

My left knee has been giving me sharp pains for nearly a year now. I have suspected for some time that this may be to do with the extra freight I'm hauling around.

In the past half-decade plus a couple, I've gone from about 200 to mumble-mumble-mumble-y pounds. That's almost half as many kilos as itself!

So I've decided that what is required is a full frontal attack (and believe me, it's a long front).

Naturally, I visited my friendly neighbourhood medical professional. I had to do this because I have no phamily physician. The one the SO and I were consulting was an exploitive, rude, annoying pain in the ass who, having begun complicated protocols to address a fairly impactful medical condition one of us has, vanished for what we were told was two weeks. She left no locum.

Two months afterward, the doctor had not yet returned, and the protocols had to be redone by a doctor at our local clinic. I rather like the clinic doctor, so I'm sticking with him. The SO got another doctor, and seems satisfied thus far.

So this week I hauled my aching knees and substantial fundament up the hill to the doc's.

Guess what he told me? Right: Eat less, exercise more. No carbs, fat, or sugar.

The most useful thing I found he said to me was:
"You didn't pack it all on in one day--you won't get rid of it in a night."

--Saved me a fortune in optimistic clothing. . .

I'm forty pounds plus overweight. Judas Priest. Think about that. Hell, I don't even know when it happened.

More later. I have to go nail my pantry shut.


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