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22 April 2004

Baiting a Murphy Trap

Hiya Kids, Hiya, Hiya!

Or to quote the Dame: "Heloooooooooooo there!"

Today, some words about Murphy (the optimist).

We all know that "Anything that can go wrong will, and usually at the worst possible moment." It's been around awhile.

It's simply not true. For example, the Sun has yet to go nova, thus spoiling my plans for a slightly underworked and massively overpaid career in professional writing. In fact I would say that this would be a particularly awkward moment for my landlady to come and collect the rent, then for the carpet to catch fire as I sit here blogging, wearing nothing but a. . .what was that again, Christian?

But it hasn't happened.

Everybody bitches about Murphy's Laws and their effects. These people simply haven't learned to put Murphy to work (that's okay kiddies, Mrs. Murphy feels the same way).

The SO has. Recently desirous of a new job, SO applies for a dream job while still employed. After some time passes without word, SO decides to accept additional responsibilities to go with the current ones by accepting presidency of the union representing the current workplace.

Of course as soon as that's settled, up comes the application into some HR director's inbox, and boom! Interview time.

Of course SO now has a problem: Impossible to work both jobs, so how to deal with this? Simple: If SO wanted to stay at current job, would the application have been filled out in in the first place?

Of course not. On the other hand, if SO had nothing else on the plate to keep busy with, then would they have called for an interview?

Doubt it.

It's only when we get on with our lives that stuff really starts to happen. This is also known as "It never rains but it pours" (that link is specifically for those reading this blog from Singapore).

Conclusion? What am I doing here? I got stuff to do!

Gotta go, boss.

Oh--read this from Dame E.. It's hilarious.


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