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15 March 2004

Welcome to International Eat-an-Animal-for-PETA Day

The animal I have in mind is a defenseless (and delicious) young sheep, from which I will make a curry.

Yes, I realise this is an obnoxious posting. Almost as obnoxious as mugging elementary school children and telling them how bad they are for eating meat, or comparing the raising and slaughtering of meat animals for food to say, the Holocaust.

PETA would have a point if they were, in fact, calling for the "Ethical Treatment of Animals" they claim to be seeking.

But they're not. Their objective is to force everyone in the world into vegetarianism by exerting pressure on children, and by forcing nations whose culture doesn't match their ideals into legislating national dietary and culinary traditions out of exisitence.

Personally, I think vegetarianism isn't a bad idea, when indulged in for the right reasons, but it IS a luxury choice, and it's not a natural diet for an omnivorous species. Here are some other weird ideas.

And most people I know inflict their vegetarianism on their freinds, family, and others for all the wrong reasons. They do it to feel righteous, or to draw attention.

A close friend claims she's a vegetarian 'cos the Bible says "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Never mind that there are nine other commandments, most of which she's broken in the course of a long and generally happy life.

Do it for your health. Do it (silently) as a political statement. Do it because you can raise X tonnes of grain on the same land as one cow. But don't expect me to cheer, or even care. Make sure you inform yourself fully, so that you'll be aware of the advantages and disadvantages your new lifestyle has--don't just say it--commit to it!

And whatever you do, do not make the mistake of assuming that I'm going to make something special for you alone when I invite you over for Sunday dinner.

Too often, while the rest of the family is waiting for the pasta to cook (and their roast dries out gently in the oven), the vegetarian sits smugly in his or her seat saying "Oh, don't trouble yourselves for moi. But by the way, did you know an adult male carries up to five pounds of undigested red meat in his colon at all times?"

I also feel very strongly that vegetarianism shouldn't be forced on children by strangers (parents who condemn their children to veggie life are presumed to know what they're doing, for some reason). I mean, we don't even allow sex ed to supplant their parents' fondest prejudices, so why should PETA et al be allowed to subvert their families' eating habits?

To sum up:
  • Vegetarianism is a choice, and a valid one.

  • If it's your choice, good for you.

  • Now shut up.

  • Pass the roast beef--I'll have your slice.

  • It's Eat-an-Animal-for-PETA day. Go out and get a burger.


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