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23 March 2004

Can't stop bloggin'

Just wanted, needed, absolutely had to add these links:
  • This has no right to be funny--and yet it seems to become more and more so. For God's sake why?

  • Also from that site

  • Have you seen those annoying little "Dead Rats" in the Quizno's commercials? This is where they came from. Check out the angry kittens!

  • One of my personal faves is Mr. Stabby.

  • More by the same artist--but in my 'umble, much better.

  • Some pages just get you saying "what the. . .?"

  • Then there's the Temple ov thee Lemur.

  • Yes, there are some "dirty words" here and there.
    While we're here-may I ask why it is that when a movie shows adults behaving childishly, but it's about sex, this is called "adult content"?

    But more on this later. Meanwhile, if you didn't get anything out of my last post, you've probably been looking for this.

    You must have a hole in your head! No? Would you like one? . That's an amazingly design-heavy page with lunatic content.


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