A one-time school project gone terribly, terribly wrong.

08 January 2004

Okay, so here we are--wherever that may be for you.

A few introductory words: This is part of a college course I'm taking, and for me it's an exercise in keeping an open mind. My feeling up to now is that blogging is the cult of the individual taken to extremes. I mean, what can anyone possibly say or do out here that'll make the faintest difference in a hundred years or so?

We are all small. We fret and strive our hundred years or so and then vanish. Isn't our energy better devoted to working toward something more important--or is it really so vital to call out to each other "I am here"?

In that spirit, I hope you might find whatever I post here briefly thought-provoking or possibly amusing, nothing more.

Hope you're having a good day or night.


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