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30 January 2004

Leapin' Lizards!

(A note on design--the main character's bio at that page is murd'rous difficult to read due to the superimposition of bright lavender text on a grey textured background)

Just a quick stroll through the internet--or would that be a wade?'s one of my favourites. Check this one out. The free daypass to view the whole article is painless to get and well worth the price of watching a 1-minute commercial. Consider how much time you spend watching commercials on Super Bowl Sunday.

Dave Barry--he's a blogger, too, y'know.

In a fit of ennui (which is like boredom, only more expensive), I punched "lizards" into a search engine which shall remain nameless.

The top result was these guys! And the next link, while returning us safely to reptiles and amphibians, appears to be a private, non-corporate sorta setup.

I guess the point is that the internet can be a very equal-opportunity place. In fact at one point, due in part to the tremendous efforts of my boss at the time, I, a slightly-more-than mere nobody, appeared third in the list of hits for my name. Sadly the business has since gone defunct and nowadays I'm on the second page if I'm lucky.

Well these both begin with an "L". And this site is more music--what is it about lizards and music? That Honolulu Zoo site is terrific, by the way.

Great horny toads.

Totally different, but still: Great horny toads! In stereo!


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