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19 February 2008

A New Addition to the Metroblog Roll

It's like someone took my best thoughts and wrote them in a blog, only better, funnier, and rather more coherent.

I stumbled across Vlad the Impala while researching at work. I was not researching for work, unless one can link the companions of Doctor Who to workplace safety ... Oh, I don't know, though ...

Anyway, I was looking for this illustration, when I stumbled across his blog. He'll be on the blogroll next time I mess with the template.

I'm a bit concerned that in posting a link to Northern Planets, I'm risking the total desertion of my Avid Fans.

But you won't leave me, will you?



There's something damn weird about the time/date stamps there. One post is three days in my future, yet the most current post on Northern Planets Uncensored is a year in my past. Still, this is to be expected when dealing with people who are acquainted with TARDISes (TARDii?).


At 12:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonsoir M Metro

Puzzling - there are conundrums here, which can be unravelled only by our brighter illuminati like AerChie & the Lady ApilihP, if we can entice her from behind the sofa (err ... I think her Ladyship means COUCH)

- NORTHern Planets in AUSTRALIA

- sur=named Impala, a Zuid Afrikan Antelope


still no signs of any Mars Bars for the Greedy & Over-Weight

Yr obedt servt etc


At 1:27 pm, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for those links - he is great, so I've bookmarked him.

I'm not going anywhere...

At 4:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Metro:

Do not fear, you'll always have an avid fan in me, your most loyal anonymous poster. Go Canucks go! God Save the Queen (the old skank). Jeremiah was a bullfrog...


PS - F*** em if they can't take a joke.

At 6:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thine Avid Fans will never desert thee!

At 2:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that Lady Philipa's couch is in Bavaria. Illuminated.

All hail Eris!

At 2:12 pm, Blogger Vlad the Impala said...

Hi Metro,

thanks for the kind words, I hope I can live up to them.

And the answer to your conundrum is that being from the north is a state of mind, not a mere fact of geography. Besides, it's an interesting but little known fact that impalas aren't native to Zuid Afrika, they just fly there for the winter.

At 9:27 am, Blogger Metro said...

@G Eagle:
You should spend some time at NP, then. From Vlad's comment below he is, himself, illuminated. So he may know the location of the Mars Bars.

King of Jungle only here to help.

Jeremiah only became a bullfrog following a chance encounter with a witch who had a teleportation device. Until then he was just an insurance salesman who had a mighty fine wine.

Thanks for the support. I try to visit my blogroll as much as possible these days, but time crunch means it's harder to do. Not to mention that the roll is getting longer, so I really can't visit everyone even as much as once per week, much as I'd love to.

Don't you mean "Eros"?

As the product of generations of Lancashirefolk coupled with Londoners, Irish and others, I agree. Northern is a state of mind.

Hmmm. I saw a quiz about that once ...


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