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04 October 2006

Sex Sex Sex !!!

Is Wrong and Bad--and we want more!

This had to be a bonus post, because when I started researching on this it got too long to attach to the last one.

Why does it seem like all the real pervy people tend to be these repressed, anti-sex, uptight Republicans? They pilloried Clinton for getting a blowjob from an intern, helped Gary Hart lose his chance at the Democratic candidacy, they play up the foibles of the Kennedys every chance they get.

But the gay call-boy posing as a reporter and feeding softballs to the White House press flack is a Republican.

And he was given a daily pass into the White House while using an alias--boy those Fatherland Insanity dudes are sure on the ball, eh?

The guys holding poker-and-prostitute parties in the now-doubly-famous Watergate hotel are Republicans.

The Deputy Press flack for Fatherland Insanity soliciting gay sex over the 'net is a Republican.

And the guy who wants to bang young male pages is a Republican.

There are others. Many, many others.

Caveat: due to some primitive laws prevalent in the States about what constitutes "sex" or "sex with a minor" some of these people may not in fact be kiddie diddlers.

Leaving aside "undue influence", they may merely have had sex with consenting teenagers, or found themselves on the wrong side of the "sixteen'll-getcha-twenty" line the morning after what they thought was just a happy encounter.

On the other hand, due to anarchic rules about what constitutes consent, this may not be a complete list.

Here's my due diligence: search results for "Republican sex scandals".

A similar search for "Democrat sex scandals"

This page, the first I could find on the topic, is dedicated to Democrat Scandals. Note that most of them aren't sex-related. And where they are they tend to involve corruption beyond just the sex--which is also invariably, with the noted exception of David Giles, with consenting adults.

In fact--here's how far they have to go to fill up the page:
George Crockett, Jr. - Democrat - U.S. Representative from Michigan. Served four months in federal prison for contempt of court following his defense of a Communist leader on trial for advocating the overthrow of the government.

Crockett was a black attorney defending an alleged commie under the notorious 1940 Smith Act, which also required the "registration" of non-citizen adults (though it did not require them to, for example, wear yellow stars on their coats--look for a new version soon).

Crockett did this in 1949.

And many of the "scandals" here actually aren't, really. So the Reverend Jesse Jackson had an illegitimate child? It's a shocker all right. Definitely not what one expects from a Christian minister ... Well, we can come back to that one another time.

It's nearly as much of a surprise as a pro-segregation "morality" candidate like the late Strom Thurmond having had sex with and a child by a 15-year-old black girl (he was 21).

Surprisingly though, I agree with the Republican party on one thing: sex is clearly not good for children.

But then, I'm not the one having it with them.

Corruption of a greater or lesser sort pervades not just the party, but weaves its way through its stooges and related organizations (Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition and James Dobson of Focus on the Family leap to mind).

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If this is how they were behaving before, imagine the Republican party now that they've voted Dubya near-absolute power!

Obviously if you want moral people in power in the US, you just have to hold your nose and vote Democrat.


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